James Major

James Major

I have been the Director of Training at Tritac Shooting Solutions since 2017. During this time I am proud to have developed a comprehensive course syllabus and had the opportunity to train thousands of students from all backgrounds. I got my start as a US Marine Infantryman with deployments including humanitarian relief efforts during hurricane Katrina and combat operations in Anbar province, Iraq. After the Marine Corps, I pursued a degree in gunsmithing from Colorado School of Trades. Upon graduation from CST opportunity knocked, and I returned to an active deployment cycle to Baghdad Iraq for the next four years as a protective security specialist involved in mobile security operations. 

Our group classes follow a “crawl, walk, run” modality starting with basic safety and fundamentals and progressing through the specific skills our handgun fundamentals classes offer. This curriculum will give a shooter the practical skills they need to handle a weapon safely, shoot with precision, auto regulate speed and accuracy, draw from the holster, conduct appropriate reloads, clear malfunctions, and maintain situational awareness. Our CHL and Home Defense courses focus on avoiding conflict, positive target identification and legal, justifiable use of force. We feel that these are all baseline proficiency standards for anyone who carries a gun in public. 

For shooters who already possess prerequisite knowledge, our courses are designed to be able to be taken ala carte based on your individual skill level. We also offer private instruction booked at your convenience that can be tailored to individual students’ specific needs.

Our training goal is simple. To make proficient, responsible shooters, who possess the skills and mindset to make them more capable in a self defense scenario.


Director of Training -Tritac Shooting Solutions (2017-current)
Security Contractor, Iraq (2011-2015)
Gunsmith -Colorado School of Trades (2010)
United States Marine (2004-2009)
OIF Combat Veteran
NRA Pistol Instructor
USCCA CCHDF Instructor
Multigun/USPSA shooter
Various training packages and classes

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