TriTac Shooting Solutions

Salem, Oregon

 TriTac Shooting Solutions was created to provide multiple shooting experiences. We are Salem’s only indoor pistol/rifle range.  The range is 65 ft. long and has state-of-the-art lighting, ventilation, noise control and target retrieval systems. Bring your own, or rent a gun from us. At TritTac, we offer training and classes that include concealed handgun license with live fire and basic handgun safety and marksmanship. Not only do we have the range and classroom, but we also offer a complete gun retail shop with reasonably priced ammo.  Any gun purchase receives a free month of unlimited range time! We’re owned by a veteran (USMC) and employ very experienced staff who can help everyone in a safe and friendly environment.

Come by and visit us, shoot with us, and learn with us at TriTac! We are happy to be here and happy to help!