Memberships available!

Tritac is now a Glock Blue Label dealer!

Law enforcement, military, and emergency services qualify for discounted prices on Glocks. Call or stop in for details!

Handgun Level II - Defensive Principles and Techniques

Check out our new intermediate level handgun class! Call or stop by to sign up.

Classes at Tritac

We offer classes for the beginner, intermediate, and advanced shooter! Find the class that is right for you!

Rental List

Check out our guns for rent! $5 Handguns and $10 Rifles!



Making Tritac Great Again

We want to thank everyone for your support during this frustrating wait for the range to be up and running!  If you have a membership, please don’t worry about the expiration date, as we will honor them all once you come in and extend your membership to cover the time we’ve been closed.

We appreciate your patience and loyalty!

Tritac Shooting Solutions

1400 Sunnyview Rd NE

Salem, OR 97301



Monday-Thursday: 11:00 am to 9:00 pm

Friday – Sunday: 10:00 am to 10:00 pm

Open to the public.  Although we offer memberships for those who shoot regularly, you don’t have to be a member to use our range.  Daily range passes are only $15 a day (or two can share a lane for $25).  Bring your ID, bring your firearm (or rent from us).  Beginners welcome!

TRITAC is the best place to buy a gun for miles around. — Here’s why.

  1. Tritac is the ONLY place in the Salem area where you can rent a gun and shoot it in our range before you buy.  Make sure you like shooting the gun you are thinking of buying, before making the decision to purchase.  We have the most popular pistols and rifles available to rent.  See our list of rentals for additional information. Why spend hundreds of dollars on a gun you later decide isn’t right for you?
  2. Competitive prices and trained salespeople.  We’ll make sure your new gun fits and meets your needs. 
  3. Free 30-day range membership with any firearm purchase.
  4. Tritac Shooting Solutions is committed to providing the highest level of training and safety to the general public and security professionals in the Salem area.  We offer Oregon and Utah concealed carry classes, plus expert training in handgun usage for beginners.

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6 Pistol/Rifle Lanes @20yds

Large range of accepted calibers State-of-the-art target retrievers Heated shooting stalls 

Classes & Gun Rentals

Beginner’s Safety

Concealed Carry


Guns, Accessories, Ammo

30-Day Unlimited Range-time

w/ Purchase of a Firearm

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