Please ensure that neither you nor your party are under the influence of any drugs or alcohol before coming to our facility. Those that are under the influence will not be allowed to handle a firearm, cannot go into our range, and will be asked to leave the premisis. If you are pregnant or nursing: For the safety of you and your baby, we do not allow those that are pregnant or nursing onto our range.

Buying A Gun Online

 You can purchase a gun online just like any other product however, there are a few things you should know. 


Can you ship a firearm to my house?

No, we can not ship a firearm to your house, unless you have an FFL.

What is an FFL?

An “FFL” is a Federal Firearms License, and yes we have one.

Are there any FEEs to have a firearm shipped to Tritac?

Our transfer fees are $30 for Members $50 for general public. That includes the background check.


Do I have to contact the FFL dealer?

Yes, you should contact us to make necessary arrangements for picking up your firearm. 


Do I have to fill out a background check?

Yes,  A background check is to be completed by you as the actual buyer. This is done when you pick up your firearm.

How will I know when my gun is ready to be picked up?

When ordering your firearm online you will include your contact information and will be sent in the package. We will use this information to notify you once the firearm is checked into our system and ready to be picked up.