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We offer classes for the beginner, intermediate, and advanced shooter! Find the class that is right for you!

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Tritac Shooting Range
1400 Sunnyview Rd. Salem, OR 97301

Open to the Public – No Membership Required

New Summer Hours

Closed Mondays: We will be closed for special events and classes.  If you’d like to book the range or simulator for a group event, please call us at 503-967-6028.  Great for parties or group training/team building.

Tuesday – Thursday   11 am – 9 pm

Early Bird Special:  Shoot  weekdays before 1 pm at reduced rates.

Friday, Saturday & Sunday   10 am – 10 pm


Punch Card Promo Purchase 4 lane rentals at once and get 1 free! $75 value for $60! OR purchase 7 lane rentals at once and get 3 free, that’s $150 value for $105!

Full Auto Friday’s!
Every Friday evening, Tritac is partnering with Stoner Arms, LLC.  Come down to the range and experience the speed and power that comes with firing a fully automatic machine gun!  This is a family friendly event, so bring everyone down for the evening!  All levels of experience are welcome, and our staff will be there to assist you and supervise for safe operation of the firearms!  Pay by the magazine, and if you want to stay and shoot after with your own weapons or rent more of ours, just pay our regular lane and ammo fees! Pricing starts at just $20/magazine. This is about the cheapest and safest opportunity around to fire a machine gun! Guns available include ● AK74 ● KRINKOV ● AK47 ● RPD ● M16 ● GLOCK ● HK535D ● UZI ● GALIL ● MP5 ● MP-5K ● PPSH-41 ● DRACO ● RPK




Contact us for more information or questions! 

Beginners Handgun Safety and Marksmanship Course: Spots are limited so call to reserve your spot and come in to pay a deposit ASAP! $75 is the total cost, of which a $50 deposit is required. More information and upcoming dates in our classes section!

Oregon Concealed Weapons Permit Lecture and Live Fire: Oregon CHL courses scheduled regularly at Tritac! Our class gives you the option of taking the lecture only or lecture and live fire! Check our classes section or give us a call to inquire about class dates and times! 


A lot of people have been asking us about our requirements for using ammo at our range.
The only thing we require that you buy from us besides your range fee is the ammo you will be shooting here.  You may bring in your own eye pro, ear pro, targets, and weapons…but we have them here if you need those too! The only exception to the ammo rule is if you are shooting something we do not carry or that we are out of. 

TRITAC is the best place to buy a gun for miles around. — Here’s why.

  1. Tri Tac is the ONLY place in the Salem area where you can rent a gun and shoot it in our range before you buy one.  Make sure you like shooting the gun you are thinking of buying, before making the decision to purchase it.  We have the most popular pistols and rifles available to rent.  See our list of rentals and sales for additional information. Why spend hundreds of dollars on a gun you later decide isn’t right for you?
  2. Competitive prices and trained salespeople.  We’ll make sure your new gun fits and meets your needs.
  3. Free 30-day range time with any firearm purchase.
  4. Free hour on the simulator with any firearm purchase. 

TriTac Shooting Solutions is committed to providing the highest level of training and safety

to the general public and security professionals in the Salem area.

We’ve received quite a few questions, so here are answers:

Q:  Can you shoot your own ammo on the range, or do you have to purchase from us?  A:   At this time we do not allow people to use their own ammo at the range.  We will make exceptions for calibers we don’t have, but we will carry most typical rounds.  If you’d like us to order something special, we will do that. just let us know!

There are a few reasons for this.  First, there’s a liability issue.  Other ranges have had problems with people doing their own reloading improperly, and there’s really no such thing as “factory-sealed” ammo.  Also, some ammo (steel bullets, tracers, armor-piercing) will tear up our range, so we have to be careful about that.

Second, our range pricing is set with the expectation that people will be purchasing their ammo from us.  Ranges often charge a higher price to those who don’t purchase ammo from the facility, and we’d be forced to do that as well.  We will make every effort to have competitive prices, and if you check our website now, for example, you’ll see our prices are very fair.  We want people to be able to afford to shoot, tell their friends about us and have a good, safe, experience.

Q:  Is there a discount for vets and law enforcement personnel?  A:  Yes!  Our facility is owned and operated by a Marine vet, and many of our staff are vets and/or have law enforcement backgrounds.  So, show your ID when you come in, and receive $50 store credit with an annual membership or $25 on a half-year membership.  (If you’ve already become a member, we’ll give you this when you come in to shoot for the first time.)  For walk-ins, you’ll get 10% off day passes.

Q:  How about minors shooting at the range?  A:  So long as a parent is present, we will allow minors to shoot.  Also, we’ve checked with the ATF, and it is ok for a parent to rent a gun for a minor to use on the range.

Q:  Any penalty for no-show after making a reservation?  A:  While we hope you will consider others by cancelling in advance, unless folks start to abuse the reservation system, we won’t have any problem with no-shows, as I’m sure we’ll have walk-ins (non-members) who we can let shoot on the open lane.

Q:   How many can use the simulator at once?  A:  It can take three shooters at once.  But more than that, it’s really fun to have a big group together, because you can watch each other take turns shooting and going through the lifelike simulations.  You can learn almost as much by watching other people shoot.  This will make a great party activity or group training experience.

Q:  We’ve been asked  about range rules, especially about holster work and movement on the range.   A: We have to be pretty restrictive due to liability and safety: Our experts advise that, “Drawing and re-holster work is only for Law Enforcement professionals, and only when they are the only ones on the range.  Also, advanced students who have been trained in the draw and holster, and they are the only ones on the range.  Transition from rifle to pistol never allowed, as there is no safe way to do this in an enclosed area. Finally, no movement, as there is not a safe way to do that in the area we have.”

Q: Do we have to be a member to come in and shoot? A: No, you do not have to be a member. We offer daily lane rentals that start at $15 for one person, or share a lane between two people for $25. You may purchase a monthly membership, a half year, or a yearly if you will be coming in often as this will save you money in lane rental fees.

Q: Does Tritac offer classes for shooting? A: Yes, we offer classes in beginner’s handgun safety, defensive shooting and conceal carry. More classes to come so check back with us frequently!


Keep sending us questions, as others want may also be wondering the same thing!

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6 Pistol/Rifle Lanes @20yds

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Uses no ammo

Great for groups & parties

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Guns, Accessories, Ammo

30-Day Unlimited Range-time

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